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About the Film

When Jonas loses his job at a Hamburg startup company, he doesn’t have the heart to tell his girlfriend Katharina, as her nerves are already on the edge with her final law exams coming up. Every morning he leaves their flat and drift aimless through the metropole on endless underground rides. After a chance meeting with his former boss Marc, Jonas starts to observe the young manager. His curiosity gradually turns into obsession, small and bigger everyday lies become a kind of survival strategy for Jonas. While Katharina notices his increasingly odd behavior, Jonas is losing control over events more and more.

Flood deals with feelings of powerlessness of the individual facing a growing competitive and performance pressure. The fear of failing in a perceived competition of life kicks off a spiral of wrong decisions, with no apparent way out. Georg Pelzer’s debut was shot basing on a 20-page plot description, dialogues and actions where improvised with the actors on location.

The beginning was an image: a man, drifting in water like a piece of wood, in the hopes of getting washed ashore somewhere. The fear of making a false move and thereby losing everything has paralyzed him, stillstand has become his survival strategy. Jonas is symptom of a society of lone fighters that has little room for failure. The more we retract ourselves, the more we subject even our private life to neo-liberal thinking, the more we lose empathy and the ability to love.

Director Georg Pelzer

Original Soundtrack by Ben Haviour

Cast & Crew


Fabian Kloiber



Alissa Borchert


Tobias Schormann


Tamara Theisen


Gregor Müller

With additional performances by

Stefanie Wennmann, Katrin Engler, Britta Focht, Beate Weidenhammer,
Hauke Horeis, Maike Jebens, Torben Sterner et al.

Written & directed by

Georg Pelzer

Director of Photography

Christoph Hertel


Eva-Maria Arndt
Georg Pelzer

Sound design & mixing

Kevin Jahnel

Original music

Ben Haviour


Kristina Heller

Production Management

Laura Mangels
Stefanie Hübner

1st Assistant Director

Friederike Blum
Dennis Müller

Original Sound

Leon Dutz, Dennis Uhlendorff, Kevin Jahnel, Johann Meis, Elias Müller, Lotte Müller, Alexey Pavlov, Daniel Schulz


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    Funded by

    Supported by

    Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, broken circle Filmproduktion, Blueape Media, 18frames rentals, Kamera Ludwig, ewa-marine, hellogreen, Molotow Club, Schwimmhalle Inselpark (Bäderland Hamburg), esyoil GmbH, Voelkel GmbH, Freiraum Lüneburg (ClubKulturWerke GmbH), Hanseatische Materialverwaltung, Brecht-Schule Hamburg, Central Park, Goldfischglas, mikawa, Kostbar, Küchenfreunde, Mr. Ape Bar, Freche Freunde erdbär, AStA Ton & Licht Lüneburg, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Avenir – Laden und Café, Lünebohne, Wok-Man Lüneburg, Kimo Falafel, Mediapoint, Tassilo, Theater Lüneburg, Kinder- und Jugendzirkus Tasifan, Zum Kollektiv e.V., Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, Hochbahn, Metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft, Altes Zollhaus Wremen, dm Hamburg-Harburg, Bäckerei und Konditorei Hesse,  Lichthaus Kino Weimar et al.